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inceptual awareness™

Inceptual Awareness™ is an illuminating journey of self-discovery guiding us inward to connect with our truest sense of self. The spiral is an ancient symbol representing personal evolution and holistic growth. On this journey we will map the movement from outer consciousness, a mostly externalized and material reality to the inner worlds of the intangible, unseen and pure essence of our existence.

If you can tell your story, then you will heal yourself, and you'll help other people do the same.  ~ Andrea Buchanan

Writing our story onto the spiral in a stream of consciousness narrative will facilitate an opportunity to gain clarity and powerful healing around core truths that guide us in our everyday lives. What does our self-talk reveal to us? How can we disrupt the misguided stories we tell ourselves? How do we change our narrative... opening our minds to enhanced personal freedom and happiness?

To download the coursework materials, please click on the link below and enter the password you received when you registered.

3 Levels of Participation: Individual, Group & Online Study:

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