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8 key portals for change™

8 Key Portals for Change™ is a masterful and complex body of work that takes individuals on an investigative journey through eight levels of human consciousness. This intense process of inner discovery is designed to open you to your fullest potential by creating portals or pathways for radical change.  

This teaching protocol uses the octaves of the musical scale as a model for the acceleration of human consciousness toward higher states of enlightenment. As you climb the scales key by key, each higher key resonates with a frequency that includes all lower keys and octaves.  With each higher key you will gain knowledge not previously available in the lower keys. Each individual key explores distinct and separate vibratory frequencies contained in your personal energy field.

All human beings, in other words - indeed all living creatures - are in reality musically, or 'hermetically' composed; they are evolutionary 'triple-octaves' with the inherent potential to achieve within a condition of 'optimum resonance.  ~ Michael Hayes

The keys create a context in which you can expand your awareness around structured systems such as outdated beliefs, habituated patterns and limited expectations.  Through this process of self-examination, you will begin to rely more and more on your inner guidance rather than allowing the influences of the external world to shape your thoughts and actions.  As you purify the filtering mechanisms by which you perceive the world, you will indeed shift your reality.

3 Levels of Participation: Individual, Group & Online Study:

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