emergence coaching™

n. The act or process of emerging; guided evolution.

A series of original teaching protocols created to foster personal and spiritual development through online self-study, experiential workshops, and individual coaching sessions. 


teaching protocols

8 key portals for change™

A masterful and complex body of work taking participants on an investigative journey through eight levels of human consciousness. 

the sweet dreams project™

A powerful manifestation tool that creates a fluid motion of intention, visualization and action allowing dreams to become a reality.

emergence coaching™ session

60 – 90 minute intuitive coaching sessions personalized to meet individual needs.

thinking outside the box

A thought-provoking experiential exercise designed to create awareness around personal constructs and limiting belief systems. 

a sunny state of mind

A uniquely transformative self-alignment tool designed to uplift the spirits and lighten the load. 

inceptual awareness™

An illuminating journey of self-discovery guiding us inward to connect with our truest sense of self. 

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