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thinking outside the box™

Thinking Outside the Box™ is a thought-provoking, experiential exercise designed to create awareness around personal constructs and limiting belief systems. As we interact with the outside world we base our decisions not on the actual situation, but rather on our interpretation of that situation. So using the box as a metaphor for a life contained, how do we collapse the tightly held structure of the box? 

No one has a transparent view of the world.  In fact, we all carry around personal experiences and expectations that color the way we perceive the world.  ~ Seth Godin 

Thinking Outside the Box™ identifies eight specific belief systems and the respective subsets of personal constructs that support and greatly influence your day-to-day interactions with the outside world. Through this process, we will reveal the repetitive patterns that run our lives and we will facilitate an opportunity for conscious and expansive change. 

To download the coursework materials, please click on the link below and enter the password you received when you registered.

3 Levels of Participation: Individual, Group & Online Study:

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