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my life, from crazy to zen.

Up until about fifteen years ago, my existence was punctuated by obligation and the ever-present demands of my constant companion affectionately referred to as my “to-do list.” I measured my success and happiness by the amount of tasks that I was able to complete. To say that the first twenty-nine years of my adult life were crazy would be an understatement.

I began my journey into “crazy” by working in corporate America running multi-million dollar travel accounts in New York City. During this ten-year period, sixty-hour workweeks were commonplace. I spent the next seventeen years as the owner and operator of my own travel agency as well as managing two additional family-owned businesses. I co-founded two non-profits and spent a great deal of my time as a nonprofit advocate. Simultaneously, I was managing a household of two children, two dogs, one au pair and one husband.

Maria Clark

Spiritual Teacher, Author

& Reiki Master

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In my experience people are constantly searching for answers... my work is about inspiring others to be courageous enough to ask the questions... trusting that it is ok if the "right" answer never comes. 

It is said that sometimes life has a way of catching up with you. My wake-up call came about fifteen years ago after moving our family from our home of almost twenty years in New Jersey to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. All in one full swoop I left my close circle of friends, became an empty nester, sold my businesses, sold my home, began menopause, and found out that my mother had been diagnosed with dementia.


For the first time in my life I became very ill with what turned out to be adrenal failure. In a word, too much crazy!! Fortunately, over the course of a year, I was nursed back to health by an amazing group of holistic practitioners and this process changed my life dramatically. Crazy was soon replaced with Zen as I was catapulted into a huge spiritual awakening.


Inspired Ideas is the product of my own personal journey... moving inward to a place where I could hear the messages that needed to be heard, connect with loved ones in a meaningful way, and allow my inner voice to guide me rather than the external forces that seemed to be pulling me in a million different directions.


As a personal and spiritual development coach, I will guide you to make gentle course corrections in your daily life that will support wholehearted living. I will encourage you to detach from the drama, embrace change and look for the sacred in each and every day. If you are reading my story, then synchronicity is knocking on your door and change is just around the corner! I look forward to working with you. 

 Maria, you have an incredible ability to help people heal themselves by shifting their perception…redirecting people to adjust their vision to focus on what is in place, what is not in chaos. You have an incredible ability to see the big picture…encouraging and inspiring people to take little actions in their every day lives to change their circumstances.


– Christina Cross, Akashic Record Consultant,

from a reading in 2008 

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