Inspired Ideas™ is the product of my own personal journey toward self-discovery and self-enlightenment.  A journey that would not have been possible without a commitment to moving inward and trusting the many synchronous and divinely guided messages that I have received over the years.

inspired ideas™

On August 8, 2008, I was guided to take a leap of faith and purchase my web domain “Inspired Ideas.”  I had no idea at the time why the name was important or where it would take me in the future.  I just had an inner knowing that this would be the name of my new company somewhere down the road.  It just so happens that synchronously August 8 is my birthday and the number eight has been the foundation for the Emergence Coaching™ teaching platform.


Inspired Ideas™ embodies the notion that each of us has the potential to reconnect with our most intuitive, passionate, and creative expression of self. We are all divinely guided in every moment of every day to sing our song.  I hope that our work together will inspire you to do just that. 

©2008 Maria Clark, Inspired Ideas™